Getting Started

Walk-in appointments for intakes are available Monday through Thursdays starting at 1pm until 4pm at the College Hill Facility. You can start your paperwork as early as noon on these days.

Let’s Start


Fill out the paperwork and submit online or come into the College Drive Facility or to Foothill Facility.


Assessment with a clinician.


Recommendation for treatment and may involve a combination of recommendations.


You work on your treatment goals that you want to achieve.

Open Access

Southwest Counseling Service provides walk-in services on a first come first serve basis for intake appointments.

Come into the College Drive office at 1124 College Drive for Open Access. Open Access is Monday through Thursday from 1-4pm. It is a first come first serve basis. You may come in to any of our offices ahead of time to complete paperwork or you may come on the day you want to be seen for Open Access to complete the required paperwork. To secure an Open Access intake, we recommend coming in at noon to reserve your spot between 1-4pm.

Required paperwork includes your insurance information, proof of gross combined household income which includes all sources including gross wages, tips, social security, disability, pensions, annuities, veteran’s payments, net business or self-employment, alimony, child support, military, unemployment and public aid. If you are a veteran or dependent of a veteran we need proof of veteran status.

If you are being referred by the courts, probation, DFS or any other third party please call any of our offices to get further information regarding an appointment. If you have an Employee Assistance Program please call any of our offices regarding an appointment so we may ensure your appointment is set up correctly.

In special circumstances we may be able to accommodate a scheduled appointment, please be aware that these appointments are very limited and may be a three to four week wait.

Payment Information

SCS has a sliding fee scale. This scale is based on your gross household income and the number of dependents you have in your household. SCS accepts Medicare, Medicaid and will bill all insurances.  Medical services are not on a sliding fee scale.

Employee Assistance Program
If you have an EAP through your work, your EAP may cover part or all of your visits. SCS can assist you in determining your EAP benefits.

This is an opportunity for you to focus on any aspects of your life that you wish to improve or change. Challenges could range from drug and alcohol dependency, to difficulties with depression, anxiety, trauma, relationships, or even a significant life transition. Therapy offers you a dedicated time to concentrate on what you need to do to enhance your sense of self and your overall quality of life.

Therapy is a collaborative effort between you and your therapist, who will guide you towards therapeutic goals that you can work towards achieving. Change can be tough, but by taking one step at a time, you can make a profound difference in your life.

When someone you care about is struggling with addiction, mental illness, emotional stress, family issues, what can you do?

First, pick a time that is safe and appropriate to speak to them, express your concern and support them. Find out information concerning mental illness and substance disorders and communicate in a straightforward manner. During your conversation, you will want to watch for their reaction so you can either slow down or stop the conversation if the person becomes too upset. Encourage your family member to speak with a health care provider. If they reject that idea, suggest a visit to their physician. Some of the signs that you will want to be aware of are: difficulties with their emotions, difficulties at work or school, withdrawing from others, changes in their sleep, eating, and taking care of themselves, extreme mood swings, drug/alcohol abuse and thoughts of suicide. If you feel your loved one is in danger of hurting themselves or someone else, call 911. It is an emergency. Southwest Counseling Service is here for you and for your family members.

Be a good friend by listening but also take action. Be honest and genuine about how much you care about your friend and your concern. Recognize that problems with depression, anxiety, stress, relationships that last longer than a few weeks may require professional help. Sometimes medications for mental and substance use disorder provide relief in combination with therapy. Behavioral health treatment is effective and treatment does work! Help is available at Southwest Counseling Service.

“My therapist genuinely cared about my well-being and helped direct me toward a better path.”